“Marriage is a subject people have a strong opinion about. California’s Proposition 8 has elevated dialogue worldwide on deeply important issues involving marriage. Like birth and death, marriage is universal; I think the subject can serve as a launching pad for potent artwork. Instead of doing a solo exploration or a group show about marriage in a gallery format, I wanted to expand it to a more interactive, joyful and real experience. This time-honored and controversial ritual will become the creative platform for the GET HUBBIED collective of artists hand-in-hand with Bec and Ruben's union.

My parents have been married and divorced to each other four times and a fifth time to other people. Currently, they are both divorced, and dating each other, or what they are calling: going on trips. My younger sister and I have each been down the aisle and back. I’m divorced and she’s remarried. Also, my last name happens to mean ‘partner’ or ‘husband.’ To GET HUBBIED, as in: get partnered up/get a spouse, became a natural and personal title for this project.

Since I began preparing this idea, my ideas about marriage have shifted and expanded. They continue to, but I haven’t altered my conviction in one area: I remain 100% in support of equal rights and opportunities—including legal marriage--for all adults. I feel blessed to be meeting so many people living fulfilled lives of all kinds: some married, some partnered up and some not."

~ Bettina

"In 'A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy' Woody Allen Says, 'Sex alleviates tension. Marriage causes it.' I've been married, and before so, and after, thinking about it has caused a fair deal of tension in my life. I come from the ironic circumstance of happily married parents and yet somehow Ive never felt comfortable with the idea of spending the rest of my life with one person. Wanting to have lunch with somebody can be hard enough, but I talk to friends and I field phone calls from a mother who thinks there is something wrong if you don’t have the desire to inhabit the same bed with one person until death do you part. I don't think it is fair to describe the impulse to wed as a fear of being alone and I do think its a natural human impulse to want to be partnered with somebody, but there is a need to question why the expectation for this pairing is for it to manifest itself in a legally binding commitment to one person for the rest of your life.

The culmination of all of this time spent thinking about marriage and to see how each artist involved in the project approached the topic through their chosen medium was very worthwhile. I am certain that everyone privy to GET HUBBIED will have more to pontificate on and hopefully more reasons to celebrate this form of commitment. I am not sure I will ever have the answer to the conundrum of life-long partnership, but GET HUBBIED has opened up a longer list of hypotheses as to why the urge to marry is prevalent."

~ Tif