Tyler Hubby will be taking on the role of wedding photographer.

Untitled (floating), 2002, C-print

Progress as of August, 2011:

Another welcoming spread of vittles for Tyler by our gracious couple. It was another cohesive cohesion of personalities. I am lucky to be related to Tyler by blood, but luckier still to have him as a cohort in creative endeavors, and this is seeming to be a collaboration sent from above seeing that he is not only a film editor, filmmaker and photographer of merit, but also one who with his own Hubby, Gabriella Tollman, is forging a side business venture of event photography, weddings being one of the subjects of that venture.

Bec and Ruben's families are going to be blessed by his pictorial attention to the forging of families and the emotions beset by such. They showed him images of their clans and he made them comfortable with his approach to this project, which put their needs and respect for their families at the forefront. I have asked him to edit the results of his photos so that he is more the artist for the exhibition that precludes the wedding. But this way, the family wins, the couple wins, and Get Hubbied wins. Its a win win win.

Tyler Hubby is a photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles.

His film work demands that his audience experience a cinema of time, transforming the common place into the aesthetic so that the audience re-imagines the everyday world around them.

His short films have been featured in festivals in Los Angeles, Berlin, London, and Australia, and The Netherlands.

He is credited with editing numerous documentaries including "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" and "Usher," a horror short which was directed by the late cult director Curtis Harrington.

He is a regular contributor to Artillery magazine.

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