Roger Herman will be making two goblets for the couple's toast.

Ceramic #004, 2005 / Ceramic #022, 2005

Herman has been lauded over the years for monumental oil paintings and woodcuts that employ the expressionist line and gesture but are dedicated to coolly intellectual subject matter. By amalgamating the overview of Conceptual art with the expressionist language of painting, his work was and is considerably more sophisticated than that of many other who entered the limelight in the ‘80s.

A few years ago, using ceramics as a medium, Herman did not attempt to craft the perfect bowl. Instead, he adopted the Zen notion of making ceramics of intentionally flawed and rustic appearance. He paints the rough clay surfaces with erotic scenes of naked women and men. His ceramics were the subject of a powerful exhibition in 2005 at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Roger is an artist living and working in Los Angeles and a professor of painting at UCLA.

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