Mike designed the classified ad for GET HUBBIED that appears in Artforum’s October 2009 issue.

Polaroid (untitled 2009), from Pyramids

Known primarily as a Polaroid photographer with a strong sense of graphic composition and striking use of color, he has collaborated with Bettina Hubby on numerous projects—most notably their elaborate "Double Fantasy" exhibition (2007)—and frequently designs publications, ephemera and other printed matter for HubbyCo. His work has appeared in Harper’s, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek and GOOD magazine. His Polaroids have been published in three handsome volumes—OK OK OK (2002), Scorpio (2006) and Pyramids (2009). He is also a co-founder (with Tricia Gabriel) of The Ice Plant, a small press specializing in artist's books.

Mike lives and works in Los Angeles.

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