Michele O'Marah will be creating a back-drop/set for each guest of the ceremony to have their portrait taken in front of.

Faustus's Children, 2006, Installation view, image courtesy of Kathryn Brennan Gallery / Green Wallpaper, 2004, tempera and spray paint, 4 x 8 feet

Using familiar clichés and tropes commonly presented in film and on nightly television, video artist O'Marah's practice dissects popular culture by entering into a discourse about the larger socio-political sub-texts present in popular narratives. By crafting the sets and props featured in the videos herself, using amateur actors and employing discontinuous filming techniques, O'Marah's videos always retain a handmade quality in order to underscore the construction of the image and its meaning. Her video work has most recently led to other independent pieces (drawing, photography and sculpture) derived from the original source material.

O'Marah is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. She is represented by Kathryn Brennan Gallery in Los Angeles.