Daveed and Alison, an architect and an artist who are themselves a couple, will be creating a space for the couple to be alone together.

Silver Carpet: A Sanctuary for Lovers "We are re-imagining the traditional atrium--a central domestic area open to the sky--with a California theme to create a space for Ruben and Bec to reconnect pre and post ceremony."

In the Jewish tradition, immediately after the ceremony and just before the wedding reception begins, they share a period of time, historically 10-20 minutes, secluded in a room together. Yichud, literally meaning, becoming one, is the first time the new husband and wife can be completely alone with each other. In earlier historical periods, as early as the talmudic era, AD 600, the marriage would be consummated at this time.

Daveed Kapoor is an architect and founder of utopiad.org, a collective that practices architecture, property management and visualization - driven by a passion for space that improves the quality of people's lives. Daveed produces high quality affordable hospitality, housing, retail, industrial, mixed use, and public spaces. He aims to maximize idea exchange and face-to-face interaction amongst citizens by implementing transportation and public way improvements. www.utopiad.org, www.daveedkapoor.com

Alison Kudlow's work explores personal and collective mythologies and how they define purpose and place for both the individual and a society as a whole. With each piece she create new myths about our origins and our place, culling from both her memories and those of the cultural collective. She is particularly interested in how both these narratives--memories and mythologies--become distorted and evolve as a result of changing vantage points or perspectives. www.AlisonKudlow.net

Daveed and Alison share a love for Los Angeles and are both activists working diligently to optimize the conditions for culture and civilization to prosper here.