Longtime friend, correspondent and collaborator, Cal Clements, will be designing the couple's wedding invitation.

Progress as of July: Here is a photograph R&B found online to include in a thank you letter to Cal:

And here is a sneak preview of the invitation design. Cal did the drawings and it is all his handwriting. I selected elements from an array of drawings sent - cut and pasted both image and text into the actual invite design. This is meaningful to me, since Cal and I have collaborated on a children's book together back in the day, a mail-art project, and have been pen-pals for over 20 years. This now adds to the stream of collaborations past and future.

the rsvp card

the back of the invitation envelope

Cal is an artist, musician, philosopher, quilter, actor, letter writer, chart-maker, theater director, unicyclist, traveler, and yogi master who lives and works in Athens, GA. There's just no way to do justice in the telling of Cal's biography. I will include this link to one article about him that touches on a few of the above pursuits and focuses on his current passion, yoga:

click here for the article.

Cal received a Ph.D. in Critical Theory from SUNY at Buffalo and a M.L.I.S. in Library Science from San Jose State University in California, he has also been an instructor of Comparative Literature at UGA, wrote and produced plays at the theater he operated in Athens, and now owns a yoga studio after deeply investigating and mastering the field, as he always does with anything he in interested in. He also has an incredible series of quilts, though hard to call them that since they defy that category with great invention and madness (the good kind).

He is, on top of all that and more, a master of charting. For years and daily, he charted his emotions using a map of his own creation, a diary of 28 emotions. Below is a chart he invented for me to use - and the resulting map of my own emotions over a month's time. I was not as consistent as he was, but enjoyed his instruction and the process. Jon, our groom, is also quite interested in the act of charting.