Bettina Hubby is a visual artist and also is dedicated to a more collaborative practice employing creative disciplines for topical explorations. In this, Bettina has branched off of the lone role of artist-creator adding the branch curator-contributor, where she utilizes and promotes a fertile, diverse community. Each project calls for a different group of artists with a common interest corralled to investigate a topic. Resulting is that each artist's practice intersects with the others to challenge, push boundaries, both individually and collectively, and to create outside the confines of conventional exhibition settings.

Outside of these projects, she continues her solitary practice which includes various interests and media. Hubby consistently counts on and appreciates and works with, Creative Director Tif Sigfrids, a songwriter, performance and visual artist.

It is not only one person's work, it's really a partnership and collaboration during all these years. ~Christo

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