GET HUBBIED was a multi-tiered project about the fragile yet resilient institution of marriage. Conceived and curated by artist Bettina Hubby, the project not only explored the idea of marriage through various media, but took this investigation several steps further by staging, on September 25th, 2011, a genuine, legally binding wedding in close collaboration with one couple. After a 2 year-long process including vetting applicants and conducting extensive video interviews, research and planning, a coming together with one couple and having to 'break up' with them, a new lucky couple was found, and then Rebecca Nicole Ulrich and Ruben Vincenté Diaz GOT HUBBIED!

THE EXHIBITION took place at The Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock. CFAER was our generous host for all the artwork, ephemera and film from Get Hubbied on view in the gallery from October 15th until November 17th, 2011

In this unorthodox and truly once in a lifetime approach to tying the knot, Rebecca Ulrich and Ruben Diaz entrusted all the details of their wedding ceremony to Get Hubbied's hand-picked collection of over 30 artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians and designers—among them Barbara Bestor, Ed Ruscha, Joe Sola, Skip Arnold, Roger Herman and Michele O’Marah. Tailored specifically for the couple, each artist reinterpreted an aspect or detail of the wedding, from invitations, rice throwing, car decoration, to photography and flowers.

Marriage, a broadly interpreted and lastingly resonant idea, remains the only widely accepted form of officially honoring the relationship between two loving individuals. From the elements and rituals surrounding the ceremony, to its social, legal and financial implications, the very act of this union deserves exploratory consideration.

GET HUBBIED was designed as a multi-media, multi-dimensional investigation and celebration of this time-honored institution, which manifested itself through Bec and Ruben’s ceremony.